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Our Stories from Ljubljana, Slovenia

What didn’t we do in Ljubljana? Not much! From tasting the best of the underrated Slovenian cuisine (check our articles on luxury dining, cooking classes, eating with locals and amazing weekly event that is Open Kitchen for more) to burning off calories with activities like sightjogging, cycling around the city (on a Rog bike!) and stand up paddling, we were determined to enjoy everything the capital had to offer… and we think we did a pretty great job, even if we do say so ourselves! What’s more our diverse team of bloggers also reported back on the nightlife, the gay scene, ideas for day trips and much much more.

Hopefully, whatever you’re into, you’ll find some great stories above to both inspire and inform. For more practical tips about where to stay and getting to Ljubljana – plus our recommended venues and hang outs – head to our guide (also available as a free e-book, just click to download) and don’t forget to check out our amazing videos too!