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Our Stories from Valencia, Spain

Valencia is not only a gorgeous city – many agree that it is more beautiful than either of Madrid or Barcelona – but it is also a destination with tonnes of fun and exciting things to do. First on the list of course is Calatrava’s magnificent City of Arts and Sciences, the futuristic urban space that includes IMAX cinema, science museum, opera house and aquarium within the confines of the Turia Gardens. There’s also so much to discover in the medieval Old Town, with its cathedral and churches, UNESCO-listed Silk Exchange building and scenic plazas bedecked with orange-trees, and the curious traveller could spend days wondering its ancient labyrinthine streets without getting bored.

In the following guides and stories you’ll find us recommending all our favourite discoveries throughout the old and new parts of the city, as well as taking a detailed look at the origins of the region’s famous paella dish (including the best places to eat it!), the creative goings-on in the hip Ruzafa district, and the secrets behind the ancient art of painting Valencia’s lace-made fans, amongst other tales. With the largest food market in Europe, and an increasing number of Michelin-starred restaurants in town, we also reviewed some of the very best places to dine in Valencia and interviewed the famous German chef Bernd Knoller, who has lived in the city for over 20 years. Check out these stories below, or else see the city yourself via our series of travel videos.