About Hire Us

Hire Us

Looking to market your destination to literally millions of travellers? The Travel Mob are some of the leading travel influencers in the world with a vast combined media and social media reach.

Each of our team have different areas of expertise and interest, such as culture/history, food & drink, nightlife and fashion/shopping, whilst we also have authorities on luxury, mid-range and budget travel. Moreover each member of The Travel Mob brings a unique skillset, be it photography, filmmaking, story-telling, SEO and social media (including experts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Google+), enabling us to make the most of all of the diverse digital platforms to market your destination. We also collaborate with traditional printed media.

What We Do

  • Publish top quality written content across a network of leading travel blogs / magazines
  • Create amazing and inspiring travel videos
  • Take our time, explore deeply and creatively, and leverage our diverse skills and expertise to get the most of your destination
  • Communicate all of the above to 100,000s or even millions of travellers via social media, publishing and word of mouth… not just for the duration of our trip but forever.
  • Engage your residents and get them – and others – ┬átalking about your destination.

What We Don’t Do

  • Give dishonest or biased travel advice
  • Follow standard press trip itineraries.